Thesis Skins From Start To Finish

Learn to Customize Thesis and Create Your Own Thesis Skins with This Step‐By‐Step Video Guide.

If you are looking to create your own design and learn how to harness the power that Thesis provides, then using the Thesis Start To Finish Guide is perfect for you. Creating your own Skin is just the beginning of what Thesis is capable of doing for your website and web business.

Thesis gives you all the tools you could possibly need to take complete control of your website. Unfortunately Thesis doesn’t come with a guide to show you how to use those tools in a clear and easy way. This course will provide a big help over the ‘bits and bobs’ information you have trawled through Google to find already.

3.Skin now has a subtle background pattern

Once you learn the skills to do it yourself, a world of possibilities open up. You are no longer subject to the restrictions of a developer or designer. Let your inventive side take over and use Thesis in any which way you want. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Learn To Create Your Own Skins With The Thesis Start To Finish Video Guide

The Thesis Start To Finish Video Guide is a perfect starting point for people, of any skill level, who want to create their own Thesis Skin without having to figure out all the confusing ins and outs.

It is not designed to turn you into a computer coding genius, but simply to give you an appreciation of how amazing Thesis is, what you can achieve with Thesis and have a better understanding of the techniques required to create your own website from scratch. This course will get you get over the ‘Thesis Confusion’ hurdle so that you can start making the most of this incredible tool.

Over five weeks you will be taken by the hand and shown how to take a completely blank page and turn it into a fully functioning Thesis website. Each section of the course is delivered in small bite-sized pieces so you are not overwhelmed all at once. You can put everything you learn into practice at your own pace and feel confident in the website you are creating.

Learn from the ground up and start with a blank slate for your website

If you have tried customizing any of the DIY Skins to reorganize the structure of your website, you will know what I mean when I say that if you don’t quite understand what you are doing, you can make a complete mess of it. Making particular changes to an existing Skin requires working out what is already there and that takes up your time and mental bandwidth.

In this course you will create a completely new skin to use for your website design, or you can use the one I provide you, and work with Thesis without the fear of ‘breaking’ anything. The skin will be built by you, so you will know where everything is and what it is being used for. Practice your new skills, make multiple designs and creations and avoid the time spent removing everything to start again. You can dive into the creation process immediately.

Learn how to use the Thesis Skin Editor to create the structure and design of your website

The key to mastering Thesis is having complete control over the Thesis Skin Editor and knowing exactly what to create and where to add it. The Thesis ‘Start To Finsh’ Guide will help you develop a deeper appreciation of the website building process and how the Thesis Skin Editor makes it possible to create featured areas on your website.

You will see how the Skin Editor aids in breaking down your website design to it’s individual components. You can focus on one section of your website at a time and prevent being overwhelmed by the overall task at hand. When you know that you have a section of your website completed you will feel a sense of accomplishment, your confidence with using Thesis increases and you will be ready to tackle more complex website components.

Discover The Possibilities That Thesis Can Offer

As you progress through the course you will begin to see the enormous flexibility of Thesis. You’ll be able to envision how you can take your ideas and inspiration and implement them without wasting time figuring out how to do it.

As a small business owner, doing the ultimate ‘DIY’ thing can help you create a more unique online presence and avoid paying those expensive developer costs for high-quality website design. Most importantly, having the ability to do this yourself gives your self-confidence a well deserved boost. You’ll be able to show off your new skills and knowledge to friends and family!

Make More Money As A Thesis Site Developer

The Thesis skin you create can be used as the foundation for your own website or for your client work.

As a website designer, being able to fully customize your client’s sites with Thesis will put you head and shoulders above the rest, and enable you to start charging more for your work. And, with your new skin as the foundation, you won’t be starting from scratch every time – so you’ll be able to charge more for your customization while spending fewer hours on each site.

Once you have finished the course, you can add your own unique styles and finishing touches using the free CSS tutorial resource videos found in my Video Tutorial Membership. The Skin can also be used as the basis for other courses I have created to compliment the Thesis Skin in this guide. Courses such as how to build a membership site, a digital product site or an education site.

As a designer, offering highly customizable design means you can charge more, take on more complicated projects and take on a higher caliber of client.

Create the individual components of your website and build your website piece by piece

The ‘Start To Finish’ guide is delivered over a 5-week period with new modules available every 7 days from the date you become a Video Library subscriber.

The Thesis ‘Start To Finish’ Video Guide will take you through the entire process of structuring your website and then applying CSS styles to make your website look appealing.

Below is a brief summary of the modules in the course:

Week One – Creating your skin and getting started

In Week One you will set up your blank skin, take a tour of the Thesis Skin Editor, and then dive in and create the first areas of your skin. You will create two menu areas for your new skin, your header area which includes your website title as well as a widget area to place social icons into.

At the end of week one, you will feel confident in your understanding of the Thesis basics. You will have no trouble navigating your way around the Skin Editor and creating new areas for your website will be easier to accomplish.

Week Two – Adding and structuring your post content

In week two you will set up the main area of your website for your post content. You will layout the structure for your posts and further increase your CSS skills with more design techniques to make the posts stand out on the website.

At the end of week two, you will appreciate the finer details of what goes into the design of your content areas. Many people forget that the aesthetics of the website content is just as important as the actual content. But you’ll have it covered in your Thesis Skin

Week Three – Widget Areas in the Sidebar and Footer

In week three you’ll add widget areas to your sidebar and footer and a separate footer area to the bottom of your site. I will cover how to adapt the widgets that come with WordPress to fit the design of your Thesis Skin and make your widget areas look unique.

After week three, you will have a solid handle on how to add extra areas to your Thesis Skin. Having more room to display related items helps visitors learn more about you or your client and influence the buying decision of the user.

Week Four – Creating the individual pages of your website

Week four has you creating ‘templates’ for your website content, setting up your Category pages as custom SEO ‘landing pages’, and add comments to your site. I will show you how to use the structure you have built over the last three weeks to create the other areas of your website so that you aren’t going through the process all over again.

This week focuses on the often-ignored areas of web development – harnessing the power of Thesis when it comes to both search engine optimization and visitor-engagement, both vital pieces of the traffic and conversion puzzle.

Week Five – Mobile responsiveness, finishing touches and maintenance

The last week will go through how to make your Thesis Skin mobile responsive, how to make CSS tweaks to your skin and backing up your skin.

This week concentrates on the details that give you the edge from the sea of ‘similar-looking’ Thesis websites out there. You will learn how to use CSS Code to make your new Thesis Skin site adaptable for any mobile device and how to place your unique touches to the skin.

Get started right now and end the Thesis confusion!

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The monthly subscription gives you access to all of the courses I create, those available now and those coming in the future. You will also have access to any webinars, master classes, resource videos and Ebooks that I may provide to compliment the courses.

Once you have registered for your Premium Subscription, you will have immediate access to Week One of the Thesis ‘Start To Finish’ Video Guide. After the first week, the other modules will be delivered every 7 days from the date you signed up, based on the course summary outlined above.

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FAQ – Can I access the videos for other weeks sooner?

The design of this course is based on a significant amount of experience I gained from putting together this course, and its predecessors. From that experience, I’ve found that the weekly delivery of specific modules is the most beneficial and helpful delivery for users. It also gives people the best opportunity to practice and hone the skills that they are learning.

This course is not designed to be completed in a short period of time. To do so doesn’t allow for the information I am teaching you to be absorbed and practiced. Consequently, I won’t be granting access to the entire course outside of its intended 5 week time frame.